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COVID Control

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 we are currently open for curbside only. Entry inside our store is not permitted.

What does this mean?

  • Arrive any time during regular business hours and we will come out to your vehicle (call 970-419-4769 if no one comes out).

  • You can comfortably remain in your vehicle or step out while maintaining social distance to discuss your needs.

  • We will bring out items to you and give you a total before the transaction is final. Cash or cards are accepted.

  • We encourage call-in orders for pick-up and for inventory inquiries. This can make your transaction much more efficient when you arrive.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Conducting business this way is not ideal but critical to keeping everyone safe and our business operational.

Stay tuned for new products or changes at Mountain Lion. We appreciate your continuous support!

Mountain Lion Garden Supply is a full spectrum indoor/outdoor garden supply store in Laporte, CO. Located just a 10 minute drive from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. We specialize in grow lights, media, fertilizer, integrated pest management and much more.  Come in and inquire about your outdoor growing needs and bulk soil purchases. We offer loyalty accounts with additional discounts for Veterans and established customers.  We have a strong commitment to education as our founder, Mike Walsh, is a graduate of the Colorado State University Horticulture program with a concentration in Floriculture.  

Open 7 days a week!

Grow with us!


It's August, how are your plants doing?

I need to transplant to bigger pots!

We suggest Light-Mix or Happy Frog for almost anything, especially herbs, ornamentals and light feeding plants. Roots Original and Ocean Forest have more plant food in the bag for heavy feeding plants.


I need to fertilize my fruiting and flower plants, what do you have that's organic?

We have Down to Earth All-Purpose Mix, various guano products and bone meal to deliver the calcium and phosphorous needed to form large fruits. Biobizz Bio-Bloom or Gaia Mania are great liquid feeds for fast results. 

My plants are falling over!

We sell bamboo stakes of various sizes, ties and trellis netting to keep your fruiting plants from snapping and touching the ground. 

Looking to start a worm compost bin at home?

Composting Helpers: Facts About Red Worms

Convert your food scraps and compost into plant food! It is easy to start your own vermicompost bin. We have the red wigglers you need to get your bin going. Please call ahead for availability.

 Are you ready to invest in the future of grow lights?

Horticulture Lighting Group

We are very excited to stock the "Quantum Board" LED grow lights from HLG, that uses dimmable Samsung diodes. 


Biobizz growing media is our go-to for the finest quality and price! The Coco-Mix is super clean coco coir while the Light-Mix is the perfect soil for starting seeds and doing transplants of all plant varieties.

Cover Crop

Did you know that you can utilize plants to replenish the nutrients in your soil? Cover crops are a great way to prevent soil erosion, retain water and add nutrients to your soil. We have different cover crops seeds for fall and spring all year-round!

 Packet picture of the Cosmic Purple Carrot seeds.  Tag for Sweet Basil packet  Pepper, Early Jalapeno 

It all starts with a seed! Check out our 2019 seed selection from Bounty Beyond Belief. BBB is a Colorado based seed company so their varieties are bred for the local climate to ensure your gardening success. We have seed packs to start your own tomatoes, peppers, greens, squash and much more!

We are now featuring some of their flower mixes as well from Beauty Beyond Belief!

Bee Rescue Wildflower Mix  Blue Columbine, Aquilegia caerulea

We are an exclusive Mills Nutrients dealer for Northern Colorado! Mills is a classic Dutch A-B style formula with unique bio-mineral components to produce great yields and flavors. Switch to Mills Nutrients for its ease-of-use and compatibility with all media


Discover Advanced Nutrients now at Mountain Lion Garden Supply!
Bud Factor X is now back in stock in 1 Liter bottles!

Need a natural pest control? We frequently stock ladybugs and beneficial nematodes. Please call for availability.
We may not see ladybugs in stock this year. We recommend Green Lacewings to eliminate similar pests.

  Get your cold crops going now!  We are selling bulk seeds at $1.50 per gram: Arugula, kale, spinach, bok choy and collard greens.

Image result for seeds

We exchange 20 lb CO2 tanks for $7.50! Bring in your empty tank to swap or buy one from us. Tanks must be within 5 years of hydro-static test date, no Coke or Pepsi Tanks.

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