Azos - Azospirillum: A Natural Nitrogen Source for Plants

Azos - Azospirillum: A Natural Nitrogen Source for Plants

What is Azospirillum and how does it work?

Azospirillum is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Earth's atmosphere contains over 75% nitrogen. Azospirillum is able to capture atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into plant available forms. Nitrogen is fundamental for photosynthesis because it is essential for chlorophyll production. In other words, nitrogen keeps your plants green and it is also in every protein molecule. 

A popular variety is Azospirillum brasilense. Xtreme Gardening's Azos is made up of this beneficial bacteria strain and is a great addition to your garden. Azos takes N2 form of nitrogen from the atmosphere and turns it into NH3 ammoniacal nitrogen that is available for plants. Hydroponic and gardening stores would be mistaken to not carry Azos or a similar product. At Mountain Lion Garden Supply, just north of Fort Collins, we regularly carry the 2 oz, 6 oz and 12 oz packages. Bigger sizes are available in store only. It has become a staple for organic gardeners and a great way to get most of the nitrogen your plants need.


We recommend using this powerful Azospirillum powder in cloning, vegetative stages and even in transplant stages. The powder can be mixed into water to drench the roots or pre-mixed in the media or potting soil. The bacteria should be reintroduced every two weeks and it can be persistent as long as you use dechlorinated water. 

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