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Replenish your garden beds with Happy Frog Soil Conditioner!


We stock many models of LED grow lights from HLG. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and many models to choose from for any size growing space.


When it comes to growing with organics, Biobizz is one of the leading companies in the world. At Mountain Lion, we love Biobizz liquid fertilizers and growing media for top quality results every time.

Biobizz All-Mix

Biobizz All-Mix soil is has arrived at Mountain Lion! More water holding and nutrient charge compared to Light-Mix. Same top quality.

Biobizz growing media is our go-to for the finest quality and price! The Coco-Mix is super clean coco coir while the Light-Mix is the perfect soil for starting seeds and doing transplants of all plant varieties.

Did you know that you can utilize plants to replenish the nutrients in your soil? Cover crops are a great way to prevent soil erosion, retain water and add nutrients to your soil. We have different cover crops seeds for all seasons!

It all starts with a seed!

 Try the pollinator mixes from our friends at Beauty Beyond Belief

  Colorado Wildflower Seed Mix

We have BBB's Native, High Altitude, and Low Maintenance Grass Seed mixes in 1 lb and 5 lb sizes.

    Low Maintenance Grass Seed Mix

We are a Mills Nutrients dealer for Northern Colorado! Mills is a classic Dutch A-B style formula with unique bio-mineral components to produce great yields and flavors. Switch to Mills Nutrients for its ease-of-use and compatibility with all media

 Need a natural pest control? We special order beneficial insects and nematodes. Please call for availability.

We may not see ladybugs in stock this year. We recommend Green Lacewings to eliminate similar pests.


We exchange 20 lb CO2 tanks for $9.97! Bring in your empty tank to swap or buy one from us. Tanks must be within 5 years of hydro-static test date, no Coke or Pepsi Tanks.