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SLF-100 - Organic Enzymatic Formula

SLF-100 - Organic Enzymatic Formula

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SLF-100 is the only 100% organic, OMRI listed, pure enzymatic formula specifically designed to break out salts and has been proven effective for over 19 years.

SLF-100 is hard on build up, but gentle on your already present beneficial microbes, so no need to reinoculate after every use like other enzyme products.

SLF-100 has an UNLIMITED SHELF LIFE, and is compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers and rooting compounds. SLF-100 is also compatible with H202.

Application Rates:
Soil Medium:
5 ml per gallon of water.
Apply thoroughly once a week
2.5 ml per gallon of water.
Apply during feeding/changeout
2x recommended dose can be used for high salt situations without fear of toxicity

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