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Rocky Mountain Soil Stewardship

Living Soil Worm Castings - 2 gallon bag

Living Soil Worm Castings - 2 gallon bag

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Living Soil Worm Castings are a high quality soil amendment created by red wiggler worms. They contain an array of beneficial microbes and biology that improve the quality of soil and promote plant health. Each 2 gallon bag is perfect for use in garden beds and containers. Mix in this vermicompost before planting or top dress it and water it in. 

We love this product for creating amazing compost teas. 1-2 cups makes a great backbone for a compost tea of about 4 gallons of dechlorinated water in a 5 gallon bucket. Add 1-2 tablespoons of molasses, kelp meal, Sea-90 and aerate with a strong air pump for 24-48 hours and you're off to the races! Dilute this concentrate 1:1 with dechlorinated water all the way up to 1:15

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