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Grean Bicycles

Grean Bicycles Ocean Bounty Flower Mix - 2lb bag

Grean Bicycles Ocean Bounty Flower Mix - 2lb bag

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Grean Bicycles Ocean Bounty Flower Mix is an all-natural root-stimulating nutrient boost mix that works for all stages of plant growth. Use Ocean Bounty in your garden to strengthen, rather than destroy, the soil food web for happier, healthier plants and a cleaner environment.

Mix at a ratio of 1 lb Ocean Bounty to 1 cubic foot of general potting soil like "Happy Frog" or "Light-Mix" to make a water only flowering soil. It can also be top dressed around the base of a plant and scratched and watered in. Use a dust mask when handling this product to avoid inhaling fine particles.

Nutrient Analysis: 3-9-1

Ingredients: bat guano, cottonseed meal, fishbone meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, neem seed meal, crustacean meal, fish meal, rock phosphate, oyster shell flour, rock dust, langbeinite, greensand. 

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