What's In SUPERthrive?

What's In SUPERthrive?


Mike Walsh, owner of Mt.Lion Garden Supply and graduate at Colorado State University in Fort Collins explains SuperThrive and its many benefits for your garden. 

SuperThrive is a company that was created by Dr. John Thompson in the 1940's and his legacy has been passed down to his family ever since. 

Dr. John said, “My whole aim is to leave the world better off for wherever I touch it.” This quality continues in every aspect of their business. 

SuperThrive contains B1 vitamins and indolebutyric acid derived
 from kelp.

  • Restores plant vigor
  • Promotes chemical balance
  • Reduces transplant shock


Come to Mountain Lion Garden Supply in LaPorte just a 10 minute drive north of Colorado State University in Fort Collins to stock up on SuperThrive and all your garden and hydroponics needs! 

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