Cloning 101

Cloning 101

1. Cut large clones- at least ⅛ inch thick diameter, and 7-9 inches long with scissors.

2. Place immediately in cup of water with one drop of Superthrive.

3. Remove from cup and trim off excess nodes and fan leaves, leaving on the top 3-4 nodes intact. Of the remaining nodes, cut the tips of the fan leaves off by 40-50%.

4. Cutting length should be 4-6 inches tall. For the final cut, slice the stem just below node at a 45 degree angle with razor blade

5. Dip the freshly cut tip immediately into cloning gel, but be careful not to glob on too much. Just a drop to cover the sliced region is plenty.

6. Place gently into neoprene puck or stick cutting into rooting media(rockwool, grow plugs, coco clone mix, peat clone mix). Note if sticking cutting into rockwool or grow plugs it can be nice to sterilize a nail with flame and poke a new ‘pilot hole’ just thinner than the diameter of your stem so that you get the best connection to the growing media.

7. Treat water in cloner or soak pucks with the following products, in this order:
a. 2mL/gal Technaflora Magical or synthetic cal mag product
b. ½ mL/gal Age Old Bloom 5-10-5
c. 2mL/gal Botanicare Liquid Karma
d. 1 drop/gallon Superthrive
e. 5 mL/gal Hygrozyme or SLF-100
f. ½ mL/gal Mammoth P
g. 1 tsp/gal Azos h. pH it to 5.3 for week 1 and 5.5 for week 2
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