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EM Bokashi - 2 lb

EM Bokashi - 2 lb

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EM® Bokashi is enriched with Effective Microorganisms and is like a health fix for your garden. Each handful is teeming with plant friendly effective microbes and can be added directly to your soil or growing containers or used to kickstart healthy organic matter breakdown in your outdoor or kitchen compost bin.

Environmentally friendly, natural and organic.

Adding EM® bokashi bran to your soil builds a healthier and stronger soil food web. This will result in more productive plants and higher yields.

Once bokashi bran is added to your soil, it springs to life. The EM® microbes in the bokashi start breaking down and mineralizing amendments and organic matter into bioavailable forms. The EM® bokashi microbes are often visible as white mold or hair on the surface of your soil.

EM® Bokashi is also great for breaking down organic waste in your outdoor or indoor compost bins. Not only does EM® Bokashi kickstart the composting process, but it also creates less CO2 and retains more food waste nutrients—which means higher-quality organic compost for your garden soil and plants.
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